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Professional services in civil and industrial engineering

Thanks to long-standing expertise in the field, the ongoing training of the work force not to mention cutting edge technology and machinery, CLV is in a position to operate in any building site, right from the initial surveying and planning stage through to project development with custom-made solutions.

Environmental Surveying

We carefully study the area where new building is to be carried out in order to reduce both environmental and aesthetic impact so that the construction, once terminated, is in keeping with the surrounding landscape.
Studio del territorio - CLV Costruzioni

Environmental Impact Assessment

We collaborate with qualified professionals in analyzing the environmental impact of the project. In this way we are able to assist our clients in identifying any critical areas relating to current legislation and restrictions with a view to enhancing environmental compatibility.
Impatto ambientale - CLV Costruzioni

Large Scale Infrastructure

We construct all types of large buildings for both industrial and civil use, from commercial outlets to industrial warehouses and residential complexes. Our professional team are always willing to advise.
Grandi infrastrutture - CLV Costruzioni

Innovative Technology

We are particularly fascinated by and attracted to the challenges of the future of building. For this reason we pay particular attention to the most modern methods of building: wooden houses, new recyclable materials, energy saving, preservation of the environment and sustainability: it is today we start building the future.
tecnologie innovative - CLV Costruzioni

Structural Consolidation

We have long standing experience in the renovation and consolidation of existing buildings and our aim is to restore the former structural characteristics of a building, to improve or consolidate the load and stress capabilities and/or to render buildings seismically safe.
Consolidamenti strutturali - CLV Costruzioni


We are specialized in the recovery and restructuring of civil and industrial masonry and also are in a position to offer made- to- measure renovation services that guarantee our customers a complete service with a single channel of communication.


We have all the resources and machinery required to make a building utilizable – from drainage pipes to aqueducts, from gas pipes to curbs and pavements – and to carry out foundation work for industrial and civil constructions.
Opere Urbanizzazione - CLV Costruzioni

Assembling wooden buildings

CLV has considerable experience in the construction/preparatory work involving wooden buildings of all types. Our experienced, well trained specialists are in a position to offer assistance to our customers also in this field.
Montaggio edifici in legno - CLV Costruzioni