Clv costruzioni a Dubino

Who we are

Experience and professionalism

In 2005 Roberto Riboldi, after being employed for 26  years in the field of civil and industrial engineering as accounting engineer, construction foreman and head of Purchasing decided to open his own company, Costruzioni Lariane Valtellinesi S.r.l. (CLV) and started working for both the public and the private sector in the building industry.


Today the company has several professionals currently employed including admin staff, technicians, surveyors, site personnel and specialized workers (carpentry, masons, plant machinery). Our company operates not only in the Sondrio area but also all over Italy.

Our principles
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Despite being a young company, CLV has already achieved a recognized status in its field  thanks to the high standards and quality service it offers to its clients. All founded on competence, punctuality and reliability.

These demanding standards impact directly on:

  • Focus on the client: we listen to our customers’ needs, we satisfy their expectations and clarify their uncertainties
  • Quality of the service: our aim is to offer our customers the best result in the shortest possible time

  • Respect for the environment: in all our projects this implies a tangible commitment to sustainable operational criteria
  • Protection of workers:  Health and Safety in the workplace as well as continuing in-service training for our employees is the only option for us

  • Innovation: we keep innovating to keep pace with the constant developments in the building industry and to bring the future forward.

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The activities of CVL ,right from the project stage through to Site Management are carried out in strict adherence to current legislation. Our company has obtained several important certifications in the field of building, ISO, SOA and Legal Status Rating - all strong proof of  the high quality and reliability of the company.


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Evolution and development

Since 2005 our company has pursued its own objectives of growth and development in an effort to consolidate and strengthen its market position through gradual expansion both at home and abroad.

As an illustration of the  transparency our company is known for, below are details of CLV’s turnover in the past years.